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Breast cancer is a malignant disease that attacks the breasts of women. This disease continues to increase so that it becomes a public health problem, especially in developing countries, including Indonesia. According to IARC 2012, the percentage of new breast cancer cases was at the highest position, namely 43.3%, followed by prostate and lung cancer and the highest cause of death in female cancer, namely 12.9%. The aim is to identify and identify risk factors associated with breast tumor incidence. The type of research used in this study is cross sectional which assesses the relationship between risk factors and disease incidence. Puskesmas were chosen randomly, where each sub-district was represented by one puskesmas. The research location is in Badung Regency. Number of samples 92. The research was carried out from August to October 2019. The research instrument was a questionnaire containing the identity of the WUS and several risk factors. The results showed a relationship between breastfeeding status and breast lumps (positive USG result) with p = 0.002. There was a relationship between BMI and breast lumps (positive USG result) with p = 0.000. There was a relationship between hormonal contraception and breast lumps (positive USG result) with p = 0.001. The conclusion was that there was a relationship between breastfeeding status, BMI and hormonal contraception with breast lumps (positive ultrasound result). The recommendations examine more specific risk factors associated with breast abnormalities or tumors.


Keywords: risk factors; breast lump; positive breast ultrasound result



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