Factors That Contribute To The Incident of Stunting Toddler In Working Area of Puskesmas Pupuan II

Ni Kadek Vena Malinda Dewi


Stunting has negative impact to the quality of human resources in the future. The purpose of this study was to determine factors that can contribute to the incidence of stunting toddlers in the working area of the Puskesmas Pupuan II (Public Health Center). This descriptive study used cross-sectional approach. The sampling technique was non probability sampling and the population was mothers with stunting toddlers in the working area of the Puskesmas Pupuan II with total 43 samples. The data used are primary data that obtained through interviews with respondents and the secondary data collected from the toddler cohort and the Maternal Child Health handbook. Data analysis used descriptive univariate. The result of this study showed that the proportion of stunting incidents based on direct causal factors was found as many as (69,8%) of stunting toddlers did not get exclusive breasfeeding, (86%) stunting toddlers had a history of normal birth weight, (60,5%) of stunting toddlers were male, (90,7%) mothers of the sunting toddlers had a normal nutritional status during pregnancy, (88,3%) mothers were not anemic during pregnancy, while the proportion of stunting incident based on indirect causal factors showed (60,5%) mothers were not at-risk age during pregnancy, (95,3%) mothers had normal weight, (65,1%) mothers had  low education, (60,5%) mothers are unemploye, and (55,8%) the family income is low or below the minimum wage. Researchers’ suggestions are Public Health Center heve to be more active in socializing the effects of stunting and its prevention and as well as mobilizing community leaders in sensitive nutrition interventions.

Keywords: direct causal factors, indirect causal factors, stunting, toddler



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DOI: https://doi.org/10.33992/icmahs.v1i1.3056


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