Chse-based parenting health education textbook worth being a reference in efforts to improve the quality of care, reduce the worries of sick children and parental burnout for family tourists at kids club hotel bali

nyoman ribek


Background behind did it study Because  parenting health education textbook CHSE- based is considered important important For reducing family tourists' concerns about children's illnesses at tourist attractions which become a burden on families and unfulfilled tourism needs . This concern has increased since WHO declared the coronavirus outbreak a global pandemic . There was a decline in tourists of 83.26 percent in 2020 compared to In 2019, there were 6.3 million foreign tourists and 9 million local tourists . The number of tourists who are worried fall Sick 36% traveler foreign tourists and 47% domestic tourists. Method Study with study descriptive quantitative and FGD .  The research sample is Kids Club Manager , IT Lecturer , maintenance children, and children's education age early . Technique taking sample purposively _ sample  with amount sample of 100 tourists family , 30 people during FGD, 30 people from media experts and 30 people from experts material . The research results show the data worries traveler family to kids club hotels by 60%, Parental Burnout 64%, and parenting health education needs 85% so make it module  parenting textbook health club hotel and done validation expert material and media experts  with results very worthy of 50% and worthy of 50%, Material expert state very worthy 60% and worthy 40% . Discussion _ conclude that CHSE- based parenting health education model textbook is suitable for development in kids club management as well as recommend to management kids club makes parenting health education textbook as  book reference to increase the attraction of family tourists.


Validation media expert , expert material , family tourists, parenting health education, kids club hotel.

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