Addicted Playing Related Online Games To Quality Sleep Child Age School Base SDN 7 Pedungan Year 2023

Ni Made Audia Maheswari, Ni Made Audia Maheswari


The impact of online games includes five aspects, namely health, academic, social, financial and psychological aspects.Online game addiction is the existence of an attachment to games. This type of research is correlational research. This study will look for and explain the relationship between addiction to playing online games with sleep quality in elementary school-age children of SDN 7 Pedungan. Cross-sectional research design is a type of research that emphasizes the time of measurement/observation of independent and dependent variable data only once. Online gaming addiction and sleep quality variables were normally measured at the same time. The characteristics of respondents from 165 research samples, as many as 32.1% are 10 years old, as many as 63% are female, as many as 80.6% are Hindus and as many as 37.6% with grade 4. Addiction to online gaming respondents in 165 research samples, as many as 51.5% lead to the category always. Sleep quality in elementary school-aged children based on addiction to playing online games, bad category by 53.3%, good category by 46.7%. There is a relationship between addiction to playing online games with sleep quality in elementary school-aged children, with a p value of 0.000 α (0.05) so that H0 is rejected From the criterion of the correlation strength level obtained results r 0.733 which means a strong relationship between the variable addiction to playing online games with sleep quality in elementary school-age children.


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